Howard Homecoming/Yardfest


Howard’s Homecoming is this weekend (October 25-27). This year it will have Mary Mary, Brandy, Trey Songz, Erykah Badu, Eric Bennet, and Lil Duval. This year the university is charging for its Yard Fest concert for the first time, a change that has brung controversy to every social media site.


Erykah, Brandy, and Trey will start things off tonight at 6PM, but the crowds are starting to arrive right now. With that being said, D.C. Police and rescue personnel are responding to calls for several people injured, even trampled, at the gates of the event.

Initial reports are saying that some people have tried to break down university gates at 6th and Howard Place at the main entrance to the university. Police called a “mass casualty event,” indicating the possibility of mulitple injuries, and called for numerous ambulances.

The homecoming has not started yet, but we will keep you posted on it as it begins.

(JimmyEinstein, Edwardsville, IL)


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