First Hov and Bey, Kim and Kanye, Now Ciara and Future are expecting!!


The Body Party singer is known for showing off her body onstage, so people started to think she is expecting after she wore a loose-fitting leather halter top while performing at the Paper Magazine Nightlife Awards in New York last month.

The speculations came back up this weekend because she performed at the Beats on the Beach festival in the United Arab Emirates, and this time was pictured with a bloated belly.

Ciara has yet to address the reports, but Future has without actually killing the speculations of her being pregnant. When asked about the rumor by DJ Jenny Boom Boom during a Connecticut radio interview, he simply said “A rumour is a rumour!” And left it at that.

The two got engaged last month, and people are saying her pregnancy is the reason for the engagement.

Ciara would be a proud mother of one if the rumors are true, but it won’t be Future’s first child. He recently agreed to pay child support to his ex-girlfriend Jessica Smith after she proved he had fathered her 10-year-old son, and in February of this year, he was hit with a second paternity lawsuit by a Georgia woman who claimed she had given birth to his second child.

As of now there are no confirmations of a new celebrity baby being born. We will keep you all updated on CiCi’s pregnancy (rumored pregnancy) as it unfolds.

(JimmyEinstein. Edwardsville, IL)

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