The Fast and Furious Family No Longer The Same

As many of you may know, the Fast and Furious actor, Paul Walker, passed away in a fiery car crash this past weekend.

Walker and his close friend Roger Rodas (the driver of the red 2005 Porsche) crashed in a single-car accident that rapidly burst into flames Saturday in Valencia, California. The Los Angeles County sheriff’s office spoke publicly that speed was a serious factor in the accident, which occurred at 3:30 p.m. on Rye Canyon Loop, about 30 miles northwest of Los Angeles. Authorities said the car was engulfed in flames and the passengers were dead as they arrived.

Many people believe it to be a hoax, but Paul’s death was confirmed by his publicist, Ame Van Iden via his FaceBook & Twitter accounts:

The actor was in the midst of filming the summer’s most anticipated movie, The Fast and Furious 7. The cast were to meet tomorrow to start filming the ending scenes for the motion picture, but as a spokesperson said for the cast, they are too distraught to continue to go on with the project. “We were family in real life, not just on TV,” spoke Walker’s co-star Tyrese Gibson. The film will have to go through a drastic re-write and production is on a stand still until further notice.

The death of anyone is hard to get through, and we send our condolences to both of the victims families. The movie may or may not get completed, and we will keep you all posted as things unfold.

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  1. He was a good actor R.I.P Paul Walker


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