As you all may know, Beyonce has been on The Mrs. Carter World tour since last year. Well that’s not the only project she has been working on. Blue Ivy’s mom has just dropped her 5th studio album on iTunes. The kicker is, she did it without giving any type of warning. There was no press, release date, or any advertising of any kind.

After giving us “Grown Woman”, “Standing on the Sun”, and “Bow Down/I Been On”, the 17 Grammy Award winning artist left us searching for clues of what was next on her plate. With a world tour going on and a toddler to take care of at home, no one was expecting her to give the world a brand new project of this vernacular.

The “Single Ladies” singer took to her Instagram and Facebook to break the news to her fans. “Surprise” is what the caption read. If you haven’t seen it, click the link below to check it out:

Beyonce Video Album Sneak Peek:

Why didn’t she tell anyone? The question we all want to know the answer to. “I don’t want anyone to give the message that my album is coming out. I want it to come out when it’s ready, and from ME to my fans,” is what the former Destiny’s Child member spoke in her video message to the world about the sudden release. “Everyone thought I was crazy. But I did it, it’s actually happening,” she finished. Watch it here:

*(Open in Safari)*

Jay-Z’s spouse is a very great artist; she’s a genius. Her projects are always amazing so I know working with Kelly Rowland, Michelle Williams, Drake, Frank Ocean, Pharrell, Justin Timberlake, and the one and only Blue Ivy!! Her album will be dope. The self titled album is selling for 15.99 only on iTunes (as for now).

The Mrs. Carter World tour will be ended in a few months, but she will hit St. Louis for the very first time on Saturday, December 14th.

Beyonce has been keeping a low profile for a short time, and now we all understand the reason why. Bey is truly the baddest female in the game; legendary. If your a part the BeyHive, head over to iTunes and get your copy of “Beyonce” then leave your thoughts about it below.

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