Beyonce dropped a brand new album, as you all may know, on Wednesday of this week. As everyone expected, it is doing record holding numbers on the Billboard’s selling charts.

In the first three hours, Mrs. Carter sold over 80,000 digital copies. Then by Friday night, her visual album reached a jaw dropping 430,000 downloads; an estimated $6,875,700 in two days! That’s only the profit from iTunes; physical copies are said to be in stores in time for the Christmas holiday.

20131215-121937.jpg (Pic credit: @stigmasings Instagram)

The end of the sale’s week will be Wednesday, December 18th. If it continues to sale as it is, Blue Ivy’s mother will hold the record for most records sold in a week; beating out Taylor Swift’s “Red” album that sold 1.2million its first week back in 2012.

20131215-121605.jpg (Pic credit: @Jaz_Ari_ Instagram)

As we all know, her visual album is just another subject that’ll bring people to converse about her world tour. Last night she stopped in St. Louis; gave us “XO” (Video) . Overall, her performance was great, but it felt a little bit rushed. Although her opening act Luke James tore the house down with his performance and teased the ladies with his bodyLuke James (Video) , after starting 45minutes late, King Bey did an hour and a half set; instead of her usual three hours, leaving her fans feeling incomplete.

20131215-121301.jpg(Pic credit: @stigmasings Instagram)

If you have your copy of “Beyonce” or attended The Mrs. Carter World tour, leave your comments on it below. We like to see what everyone thinks.
(JimmyEinstein. Edwardsville, IL)

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