With Christmas being just three days away, Queen Bey made a quick stop in Walmart to do a little shopping. 750 customers were amazed when she stepped into the door then announced that she will give $50 to everyone. Beyonce in Walmart sharing happiness is not something she does everyday seeing she is on a World Tour and all.

After debuting number one on the Billboard Charts this past Wednesday, Blue Ivy’s mom went to pick up a copy of “Beyonce” for herself while in Tewksbury, Massachusetts this past Friday; heading to her show in Boston.

“It was amazing, quite a scene,” Walmart spokeswoman Sarah McKinney told the Huffpost when speaking about the event. “Everybody was so excited when she came in, and it’s so great what she did for our customers; right before Christmas,” she ended.

A lot of people believe that the million dollar, 17 Grammy Award winning, album debuting at number 1 singer could have gave much more. But $37,500 is way more than $0, I feel what she did was great. It gives us another reason to love Mrs. Carter.
(JimmyEinstein. Edwardsville, IL)

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