Oklahoma State basketball star Stevie Clark was arrested on New Year’s. According to TMZ Sports, the college student was caught rolling a blunt by the arresting officer.

The 19-year-old freshman guard was a passenger in a Toyota Camry that was pulled over on January 1 around 10 in the morning after police says he spotted Clark not wearing a seatbelt.

The officer reported he saw “small pieces of marijuana on Clark’s shorts and on the seat between his legs.” He also says when asked how much weed was in the car, Stevie only shook his head “no.”

The cop says the driver tried to take the fall. He admitted the weed was his and he was only giving his friend a ride to practice. He also expressed didn’t want Stevie to get in trouble.

Both the driver and Clark were arrested and cited for possession of marijuana.

20140102-122849.jpgAlthough they both have since been released, we are unaware of Stevie’s situation with his basketball team. As of now, we are under the impression he is still a member, but it is up for investigation by the university so we will keep you all posted as it unfolds.

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