INTERVIEW: Evil Jenus Clothing Company


Yesterday afternoon Dez Jermaine got a chance to talk with Evil Jenus the clothing company and ask a few questions, read them below:

So tell me a little about Evil Jenus the clothing company?Well Evil Jenus as a comapany we strive to promote positive energy, we like to encourage our customers to be smart, think smart, and follow your dreams.

What inspired you to create this clothing line, do you feel you have had some success in the past few years?
I believe what inspired me to create this brand was the negative feed back i was receiving from my last brand entitled Evil Lamb, Even tho Evil Lamb had a positive meaning behind it meaning to take something thats negative, evil or bad and transforming it into something positive. I feel we have had some success we’ve been in a couple music videos, recently just got our clothing into this boutique called Fashionable Addictions so yes i believe we’ve had some success in the past few years
For many years African-Americans have been known to support other races when it comes to fashion, how will Evil Jenus attract those same people to spend their money on your products?
Its not that they support other races,they support top branded brands. Company’s that have branded their self , and the people by it off the name and the brand not the race of the owner. We just wanna continue to spread positive energy and make every design and every release better than the last
Who does Evil Jenus appeal to? Give me an age bracket that you all appeal to the most?
Evil Jenus mosltly appeals to Women and Kids we have just added a Sub Brand entitled L.A.M.B. meaning Living And Maintaining Brilliance, which is a upscale brand from Evil Jenus that caters to Men and Womenphoto (6)
Do you all as a company have a relationship with any up and coming Chicago based clothing lines?
We have gained relationships with a couple chicago clothing lines, such as Doobie, Fashion Geek, Uncrowned Kings and Poor Lil Rich Kids
If you could match any of your garments with the “Gamma Blue Air Jordans” what garment would it be?
I would say our Black and Gamma Blue Signature Logo Tee photo (4)
What is the hardest part about navigating the Fashion Industry ?
Staying relevant to whats hot and whats not.
What are some upcoming sales that you have for your customers?
We have alot of new releases such as our Valentines Day “HeartBreaker” tee and we also are about to release an entire spring/summer catalog and collection.
About Dez Jermaine (454 Articles)
College Undergraduate student age 22. Interested in writing about people and news to inform my peers about what goes on around them. I believe that anything can be accomplished with effort and motivation, and I always put God and Family first.

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