INTERVIEW: Mizspelld Inc. Clothing Line (Part. 1)

IMG_20140109_112711Just a few days ago got a chance to speak with Chicago based apparel line “Mizspelld Inc” and answer a few questions, for a view of those questions read below:

What does “Mizspelld Inc” the clothing line represent?

Mizspelld Inc empowers and encourage leadership and entrepreneurship from beginning to end to strengthen urban communities showing that its more than one way to be successful.

So, how was the whole idea behind “Mizspelld Inc” created who are the main players in creating the brand?

We had the name for a few years now.The name came from us just wanting something different and showing that it’s no typical way of limitations for prosperity and accomplishments.The main players are Darnell Carter and Bryant Peoples.

As we know you all have made a large presence in Chicago thus far, what known names out there have supported your clothing line? Have you made any partnerships with boutiques or local stores?

No we are not in any boutiques or stores… we sell out of our trunk and online only. a lot of stores have contacted us.As far as people that have supported so far is King Louie, Katiegotbandz, Lil Durk,Shawnna and Y.P.IMG_20140121_135051

Well its 2014 what goals have you all set as a brand for this New Year?

We plan on working with some boutiques this summer for our summer apparel.The fourth quarter of the year we are in works of opening up our very own store.

What can your consumers look forward to this year? Do you all have any new material we should be on the lookout for?

We are about to get more into vibrant colors and more fashionable items.

If there was one main stream clothing line past or present that you all admire the most which one would it be?

Fubu, Fashion Geek, and Ralph Lauren

What has navigating through this fashion industry been like for you all, what have you learned?

You have to stay creative…and you have to be willing to buy your product in a store as if it wasn’t you,and be willing to take criticism.

What Rapper in the industry or prominent figure would you all love to see in “Mizspelld Inc”?

Bryant’s answer: Jay z Darnell’s answer: Daymond JohnIMG_20140126_122408

Ok, lastly what are some major events you have planned coming up?

We will be having a official launch party with all of Chicago artist in it.

Take a Look at a recently released promo video for “Mizspelld Inc” below via Youtube:

Also Go Follow the clothing line on Instagram: @MizspelldInc

Visit their clothing website to make purchases also at:
Don’t forget SHOP BLACK BUSINESS!!!!

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