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Many people has heard “Freak Like Me” and “Background Music” and are wondering what goes on inside the beautiful musician’s head. Well I recently had the opportunity to talk to the hot Hip-Hop/R&B artist about her music, friendships, future, and the number one thing aspiring artist fail to have; patience.

To start things, I would like to say thanks for taking the time out to speak with us today. The DEZjermaineBlog team is by all means grateful.
Aw no problem. No problem at all.

I’ve done research on the notorious Tink, but give us a little background info for the people who know just a little about you.
I’m Tink, of course. I’m a rapper/singer from the south side of Chicago. I’ve been putting out Mixtapes for about two years now. My recent Mixtape was Winter’s Diary 2; it’s an R&B tape. That’s basically what I’m working on right now, just a lot of tapes.

Your only 18 and making moves at the altitude you are. Where do u see yourself in ten years?
Yeah, I’m only 18; turn 19 in March. But aw man, in ten years, I see myself with a label. You know? Signing other artist; putting other people on.

Since you say label, what happen in L.A.? You speak about a label in your “Versace Remix” can you elaborate on that for us?
HaHaHa, yeah I went to L.A. I was rapping, with Atlantic actually and basically, it wasn’t the deal for me. Just kept working and turned it down. *laughter* It wasn’t for me.

True, I feel you. So is that your aspiration in life? To help others once you make it?
Man yeah. My aspiration is to reach my dreams then help others do the same. There weren’t a lot of doors opened for me, so I want to be able to help open some for the people behind me.

That’s what’s up man. Speaking about opening doors; Lauryn Hill broke barriers by singing and rapping on the same album. Critics told Nicki Minaj she wouldn’t be able to pull it off. So how do you feel about being added to the short list of females that has done it so perfectly?
I feel great about that. It’s always dope for people to compare me to Lauryn Hill, because there isn’t a lot of females in that category. When people think “female artist” they just see the Lil Kim’s or the Nicki Minaj’s, but to hear Lauryn, that sets me apart. Makes me feel unique in a way.

I heard you, Katie, and Sasha are all tight; females usual beef and don’t work together.
I actually have a great relationship with Sasha. She’s overseas touring right now, but we keep up with each other. Just motivate each other with everything we do, and just with being a woman period. You know females got a lot of jealousy for one another, so it’s real cool to have a relationship with someone who’s doing the same stuff I am.

True, I understand you. Are there any future projects coming from you three?

Sasha actually just mentioned a slow joint she had for me. We haven’t been able to get in the studio yet, but she told me it was a crazy slow joint so you don’t ever know what could happen.
Cool. Just keep us posted.
Will do, will do.

We see HOV and BEY, and Brad and Angelina making moves. So tell me how is it being in a relationship and being so busy? Does your boyfriend help you with your grind?
Aw man, it’s crazy that you even asked that. Wow. The time we get to spend is very limited; if I’m not on the move, I’m in the studio or just working period. But it is really great to have someone to talk to. I receive his motivation or encouragement when I need it the most.

That’s what’s up man, me and my baby truly understand what you saying. But did you go to Simeon?
Yeah, went there my freshman year when I first started rapping. But I transferred to T.F. North once I moved to Cal-City.

True, so how do you deal with your fans and the people who knew you before the fame that’s trying to be friends now?
Man, I think like I always have been the one to keep a closed circle. Yeah I have associates, but my true friends are my squad.

I just chill with them, everyone else, I really don’t kick it with no more. No big circles, especially now because, people want to be your friend for the wrong reasons.
Just to get on, that’s what they be on man.
Hell yeah. Exactly.

Winter’s Diary 2 was a dope ass tape by the way, congratulations on that.
Aw thank you so much.

No problem, but we would like to know which song or project has been your favorite thus far and why?
I think my favorite song is probably between “She Loves Him” or “Background Music.” I say that because, I feel like those were the most impactful. I recorded them and it felt so real. Every time I sing them, I feel the same exact way I did when I first wrote them. You feel what I’m saying?
Yeah I understand you. “Background Music” is actually my baby’s favorite joint from you. HaHaHa. So I understand the emotions behind it.
Aw yeah, yeah, yeah. I know. I know man.

You are one step closer to your dreams. A lot of women dream of doing the things you are; do you have any advice to share with them?
My advice is just be very patient. Try your best to be different, but the number one thing is to have patience.

20140209-000706.jpgThis stuff takes time, [it’s] not going to happen over night. It may take one year or ten. Now that doesn’t mean stop, just have to pray and believe; if you working, you will get to it.

That’s what’s up man. Thanks for sharing that, because a lot of people miss out on that memo.
No problem. And thanks for being interested in interviewing me today.
Yeah, for sure. Just one more question to wrap things up.
Okay. Cool.

If you had to be stranded on a deserted island, what three things would you bring with you?
I really like this question. Um. #1. I would bring a life supply of loud. *laughter*

Yeah man. But um, #2. I would bring my phone. Do that count? Like I can bring that right?
Yeah. *laughter* You can bring whatever you want. Only can be three though.
Ok. Yeah my phone. And #3. Dang, it’s two things. I would bring like my notebook and a pencil, so I can write. Yeah-I’ll have my beats on my phone, and I’ll have my loud so I’ll just chill out.
True I see you man. You cheated though, you brought four things. But imma let you slide. *Laughter*
Yeah I cheated. HaHaHa. Gotta let me slide though.

Shout out to Tink for conversing with us. She’s multi-talented with a great mindset. With that being said, DEZjermaineBlog would like to wish her the best of luck with all of her future endeavors. If you want to stay in tune with her, follow her on Instagram @Tink_julio and download her Winter’s Diary 2 Tape if you haven’t already.

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