Red Carpet Candids

Looking Flawless, we like to congratulate Lupita Nyong’o on her win.
Wearing Elie Saab, Brangelina looked amazing for the special night.
Believe it or not, Will and Jada are 45 and 42. Looks to me as if they are aging backwards the way they kilt the red carpet in their Versace gown and suit.
Leonardo DiCaprio was smoother than a baby’s bottom when he stepped onto the red carpet in his Giorgio Armani suit. 20140303-100455.jpg
Matthew McConaughey and his beautiful wife were stunning in their Gabriela Cadena. We would like to congratulate him on his win as well. 20140303-102314.jpg
Although Gabby Sidebe was not nominated this year, she still came out. Everyone always dogs her for her ensembles, but I believe she looks gorgeous in her fuchsia dress by Theia. 20140303-102642.jpg
Although he didn’t take home the golden statue, Pharrell and his wife took the eyes of many people when they stepped on the red carpet. Many people disagree with their get up, but I like their uniqueness. 20140303-102938.jpg
12 years a Slave did numbers at the box office and won Best Picture this year. The main actor, Chiwetel Ejiofor, and his wife made it look easy as they stepped into the building. 20140303-103401.jpg
Ms. Olivia Pope, aka Kerry Washington was outstandingly beautiful as she graced the red carpet with her presence. Baby bump and all, she rocked it. 20140303-103707.jpg
These are just a few styles from last night. To view more and to receive more info about the show, visit the Oscar’s Official Site.

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