NEWS: FUTURE Spits Out Too Much Info & Confirms Baby “BOY” During Interview|CIARA Mad?

Ciara_futur_calvin_front_rowFuture may have revealed the sex of his baby in an interview with Capital Xtra. The rapper was asked about decorating the babies room and he may have slipped up and revealed the sex of his and singer’s Ciara’s baby.

“The baby listening to music already now. She sent me a video while I was over here with the headphones on her stomach. She said ‘the baby just listened to ‘Turn On The Lights,’ the version with me and you. I said ‘He gotta play…YOU gotta play that Anytime for him, the new one you did. Let him hear that. See how he kick.’ She played it for him. He started kicking like crazy.”

Future admitted, “See you got the sex outta me and you don’t even know it.” Back tracking his slip up, he tried to cover his tracks by insinuating he was having a girl sayin, “That’s why I can’t tell you what sex I’m having. If it’s a girl or a boy. I might say it’s a boy, but it might be a girl. Because I really love girls. I always said I wanted two girls and I already have one. So…”

We want to congratulate Future and Ciara on their new baby “Boy” and look forward to see how the upcoming parental spotlight they will be getting from the media, plays out for them. Hopefully we don’t have to see future attacking the paparazzi like our Chicago native “Kanye” did leaving us all in laughter.

Sources of reported:

Singer Ciara is undeniably  excited about her pregnancy with fiancé, Future and the work done on her new album. In an interview with HuffPostLive, the “Body Party” singer admits that’s he is in a happy place in her life and career after being in the music industry for almost 10 years and admires singer, Beyonce for her hard work after more than 15 years.

On her pregnancy: “It really is a blessing. It really is the most exciting time in my life. I do have a [gender] preference, but I don’t want to say that either. I did have a preference before I found out what it was. I had a preference at first and when I was told what it was I felt like it’s gonna be what it’s supposed to be. It was definitely different [than what I thought]. My fiancé got what he wanted. I’m excited.”

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