Pretty Boy Millionaires Inc. Named Top Online Urban Clothing Line!!

Bryce & JustinAfter 11 days of polling, we calculated the votes from our voters. There were approximately 3,104 votes accounted for.

We were proud to see more than 10 clothing lines and fashion designers, to have participated in our first annual Online Clothing Awards but as we expected we would need one clothing line or designer to emerge above all and that was none other than Pretty Boy Millionaires and Pretty Girl Millionaires Inc.

Which is a Chicago based clothing line led by two ambitious yet creative teenagers ages 10 and 16.

Bryce Finger ArticleDue to their strong fan base including many children and adults including but not limited to Chicago female rapper Katie Got Bandz who showed her support for the clothing lines Pretty Girl Millionaires which is one of two brand names the clothing line has.

In second place was well known emerging Chicago clothing designer John Roper who is the owner of the clothing line RICCHEEZA™ Clothing who specializes in hand made joggers and various t-shirts and sweatshirts;also a member of the Rich Crew clique that popular Chicago rap artist Spenzo leads. Coming in second place with a total of 1,020 votes which was also impressive. But it seemed that they just didn’t have the needed votes to take the lead towards the end. photo (3)

riccheezaBoth clothing lines have notable names wearing their gear which is a good thing for them both. With what seemed to be a close contest they both remained humble, until the end.

Coming in third place we had another Chicago designer by the name of Ron Louis who is the owner of Ron Louis Customs™  who specializes in leather sweatshirts, t-shirts and many more hand made threads. His total votes were calculated at 271, which is an understatement to his talents as a designer. A designer that has a lot of ambition and the drive to be the best there is, I wouldn’t be surprised if he takes the next award. Ron Louis has made numerous customs for some high profile Chicago rappers such as King Louie and female MC Dreezy so don’t take his loss here as a big one. He continues to make a name for his self.

To the other clothing lines that were included such as Evil Jenus Clothing, Saklife Clothing, Think Smart Apparel, Doobie Clothing, Fly Crew Co., Mizspelld Inc., and Uncrowned Kings we salute you all!! And We want to wish you all nothing but success in your future endeavors. To our first annual Champion of the OCA Award Pretty Boy Millionaires and Pretty Girl Millionaires Inc. we want to again say Congratulations!! on your Victory.

As a reminder to our readers don’t forget to Support, Support and Support again all up and coming Urban Clothing lines.

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