Haven’t Heard of the Tidal Wave?? Well Brace yourself for WAVY BOY CLOTHING!

As for clothing, everyone has jumped into the pool of making their own. While doing a little shopping, I had the pleasure of bumping into this interesting line; Wavy Boy Clothing.
With its amazing tees and eye drawing outerwear, this line could been seen as nothing but great. Although its apparel speaks for itself, founder Bayo Arigbon, lets everyone know the meaning behind it.

“Wavy can also be identified as the feeling you get when you look in the mirror, and know you can have anyone in the room… Because you look that good. Wavy Boy Clothing is that feeling bottled up, and poured over unique apparel. [It] is confidence in [a form of clothing].”
As a Portland Oregon native, Bayo Arigbon was not shy on chasing his dreams. After landing a contract to play professional basketball, he took his talents overseas. There he received the urge to pursue opening up his own business. With his personal experiences, imagination, and a widespread of influences, he is now the owner of Wavy Boy Clothing.
As you all can see, this clothing line is more than just a place to stay up on the latest fashion. It is a place to aid in you feeling great about your presentation. With the different varieties, everyone will be able to enjoy the comfort of the Wave. Feel free to click the link above and check them out.

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