Kiiwi: The Hottest GAY Rapper!

There are so many rappers coming out of Chicago, that the spotlight sometimes is hard to receive. With that being known, Kiiwi is still on his grind to get his talents shown. With his debut mixtape; The Chronicles of a Snob, Part 1 in the process of being dropped, he has dropped two singles. “Shit Ain’t Sweet” is the joint where he explains that he still can handle his own. Although everyone assumes he’s “sweet,” he’s far from it. He shows that in the official music video:

After receiving a great response for the single, he dropped his second one “You Got It”. This pop track is where he shines a light on his current relationship.
In the midst of his music projects, he has launched a clothing line. Snob Couture Clothing is another window for Kiiwi to channel his energy out of. With men and women attire, everyone is able to find something right for them.
While working on music and clothing, he has also been putting together a We All Are Equal campaign. As of February 2014, from SIUe to Mizzou, he has been speaking to groups raising awareness of discrimination towards gays and minorities. His next stop will be Northern Illinois University.
Kiiwi is on the road to becoming something great. Being equivalent to the BLUE MAN GROUP all by himself, he knows how to give a show. Once he touches the mic, nothing is the same. He has so many projects coming, make sure you check him out.
IG: @kevinthesnob
Twitter: @kevinthesnob

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