NEW MUSIC: Chi-Raq (Remix) – Dreezy

Well as you can see just within 24 hours female rapper Dreezy responds to the “Chi-Raq” song from Nicki Minaj and Lil Herb by doing a Remix. She reminds us all why she is the Best Female rapper in Chicago. She remains humble during  the song but brings her superb bars to add a competitive edge to her fellow female mc’s. LISTEN BELOW:Dreezy

All eyes are on Lil Herb right now after Nicki Minaj placed him on her “Chi-Raq” track which dropped late last night. But Chicago rapper Dreezy—whose Schizo mixtape premiered earlier this year—puts her own spin on the VinylzBoi1da and Allen Ritter-production.

“I’m the truth, that’s a fact/I was really born in Chiraq/I done chopped it up with some real n***** and the next day they got whacked.”

It’s an incredible introduction to her if you aren’t familiar with her music—and, as she’ll tell you, anyone that’s not Team Dreezy, “suck a dick from the back.”

No Doubt We Label her as the new “Queen of Chiraq” Ms. Dreezy 

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