Many people are coming strong with their fashion line. After a little online shopping, I stumbled across this hot new movement; 8and9 Clothing Company.
They are an independent clothing company with designs from a diverse perspective. Their personal experiences with hip-hop, skating, sneakers, politics and pop culture is the fuel behind their products.
Many companies usually believe they have what it takes, but 8and9 is different due to them not covering their eyes and ears to feedback. As stated on their site, their “path is one of constant improvement, tweaking, and fine tuning as we work to the top.”

The concept of 8&9 is more in depth than people think. They use numbers as their name because numbers are one thing everyone has in common.
The name 8&9 was born out of the meaning of each number it self. 8 is infinite; would never stop, as the 9 represents the perfection of ideas. A meaning that’s deeper than simply clothing. It looks as if they are doing great, working towards building an empire.
From Tees to Keychains, they have the perfect style to appeal to both men and women. With their SALES page, their products are at a price you cannot resist. Click the link above and check them out today.
From Lil Bibby to P. Diddy, a lot of people has jumped aboard the 8&9 fashion train. Cop you something and join the buzz, you won’t be disappointed at all, trust me.

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