FASHION ALERT: The Emerging Chicago Fashion Line – Fly Crew & Co.

image (1) FASHION ALERT–We present to you the sizzling fashion brand Fly Crew & Co. Based out of Chicago, but it is accessible to everyone in the world.  Fly Crew Co. was established in 1979 when founder Raeland Tony Alexander was born. With Raeland’s passion for fashion, he set out to design a clothing line that would be eye catching and affordable on any budget. On May 23, 2013 the face of the Fly Crew brand was revealed with an array of color schemes and a logo that would be appealing to a diverse crowd of individuals.

When we say they were appealing to a diverse crowd, we really meant it the Fly Crew Co. brand can be seen on men, women and children of all ethnic groups. You may think to yourself why? Well mainly because they have some quite eye stimulating colors on their gear. Color schemes range from bright green, orange, blue, purple almost every color there is. Also they venture off into the darker colors such as black, dark gray, dark red and etc.

There have been a large amount of notable names in hip-hop that have been spotted in the Fly Crew Co. jogging suit, people such as Chicago rappers King Louie and the First Lady of Drill Music female MC Katie Got Bandz to name a few.

image (2)

Above Rappers: (left)King Louie & (right) Katie Got Bandz – M.U.B.U Gang

What sets Fly Crew apart from other clothing lines is the freedom of the clients to customize their products with different color schemes. This makes your designs one of a kind. Items included but not limited to tee shirts, crew neck sweaters, hoodies, jogging suits, beanie hats and so much more. They have been getting a lot of buzz going into this summer as more and more individuals continue to support their entrepreneurial efforts.

fly crew

Fly Crew & Co. Jogging Suit (Children)

They have also made a huge presence on social media networks, mainly Instagram which seems to be the key to building a fan base and clientele now a days.  It seems like they have been making all of the right business moves, even being featured in a number of music videos.  Under the leadership of their visionary and Founder Raeland Tony Alexander the emerging Fly Crew & Co. brand is moving mountains.

Make sure you all support this up and coming fashion line, you can contact them below:

 Fly Crew Apparel Contact
Raeland Tony Alexander
Here Is More Apparel:
fly crew 2

Children Apparel

fly crew 3

Children Fly Crew & Co. Jeremy Scott Adidas

fly crew 7 fly crew 6

Women Apparel

Women Apparel

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    I am interested in becoming a writer!


  2. Where can I buy some hoodies


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