The Met Gala was this past week and everyone looked outstandingly nice in their tuxes and night gowns. In the midst of all that perfectness, there was an incident no one was aware of.

Solange physically attacked Blue Ivy’s dad while exiting a Met Gala after party in New York. Thanks to a video received by TMZ , everyone can see the fiasco with their own eyes. Although there is no sound, the motion picture still tells us a lot.
As if she was staying out of it, Beyonce stood back and let the security handle the situation. Once Solange kicked Jay-Z, Beyonce did step in to remove her sister’s leg from her husband’s grasp. The Tom Ford rapper never returned a strike to his sister in law. The video shows him just trying to get her off of him. I believe he handled it well, and so did Beyonce. Your sister and husband gets into it, you should stay neutral.
No one actually knows the cause of the fight, but we all know Beyonce rode in the car with her sister instead of her husband afterwards. We will keep you all posted as this unfolds.
They were captured leaving the hotel. Each of their faces showing a different emotion:
I loved Solange before, but I love her even more now. She is one that keeps it real with everything, but people that aren’t a fan of hers wouldn’t understand that. But make sure you click the link above, and check the video out for yourself. Leave your thoughts about it all below.

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