We all know that TIP and his wife Tameka has been having a little marital issues lately. Once everyone peeped it, they spoke out to confirm that they were perfectly fine, just normal marriage problems. I would believe that, only if the King of the South and Floyd Money Mayweather didn’t get into a fist fight last night.

The two men were both in Las Vegas last night. Floyd for his daughter’s 14 birthday party:
And TIP to support his homie Young Dro and attend his own event:
Although everyone had their own events going on that day, many celebs made it their business to attend the 14yr olds birthday party. The attendees included Nicki Minaj, TIP, Tiny, Karruche and a shit load of others.
Tameka and her husband did not show up at the event at the same time. She actually went there instead of wait at her husband’s event. She was then seen a little too close to the undefeated boxer and his entourage:
To make matters worse, she took to her Instagram and posted a pic of her and the birthday girl. Captioning it “come to celebrate with my new boo.” I don’t know about y’all, but it seems as if Floyd is her “new boo.”
If you all remember, Tiny and Shekina was rushing/struggling to make it to Floyd’s last fight. I wonder why?

Anyway, the fight started once T.I.P approached Mayweather once he heard him disrespect his wife by yelling
“Control Your Bitch MuhFucker!”.
Witnesses and TMZ has reported that those remarks were what sparked the fiasco. Leaving after saying it, the boxer headed to Fat Burger where T.I. shortly followed after him. With a few words being shared at Mayweather’s table, T.I. allegedly threw a punch at the boxer. The videos show that they
Got it rocking in Fat Burger.

No one actually knows the reason behind the situation, but we all are pretty sure it has something to do with Tiny. Once it unfolds, we’ll bring it to you. Until then, leave your thoughts about it below.

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