♥Broken Harted♥

Do YOU watch Nick @ Nite? Well, it appears as though Mariah Carey doesn’t either! After cheating rumors surfaced this past week and after Nick’s recent bedroom confessions, Mariah has decided to call it quits with longtime Gigolo- Nick Cannon. To be honest, I really didn’t see this coming! Yeah, we remember the tumultuous meltdown Demi suffered when youngin’ Ashton Kutcher ventured elsewhere, but did you EVER think Mariah and Nick would endure the same?

mimi!Processed with Moldiv

Some say that with this, Mariah has hit a rough patch – plummeting record sales, weight-gain, alongside the never-ending plastic surgery buzz…I agree wholeheartedly, but knowing our Mimi, I’m sure she’ll emerge better than ever! Stay strong like your vocals, chick! You’ll be fine! ❤

photo (25)

On a brighter note, who knew DIAMONDS came in size BOULDERS? Apparently, Kevin Hart did as he proposed to his beautiful Eniko last week during her birthday celebrations. Even though Kevin obviously had intentions to propose during Eniko’s festivities, some say it was done in efforts to spite his ex-wife, Torrei, on her VH1- “Atlanta Exes” debut day!!! What do YOU think? Tell me below…QUICK!


Remember to Live Life, Beautifully! ❤

Shimmy Sistah

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Mariah Carey to Release Beyonce-Styled, Surprise Album



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