NEWS: Dej Loaf’s Boyfriend Gets Heated Over Lil Durk Dating Rumors

So It looks like people think Dej Loaf & Lil Durk are together dating after some tweets!! But a inside source told us earlier today that Dej Loaf’s real boyfriend is pissed after the allegations, he goes by the name of “OBA Rowland.” He has been all over her Instagram account lately.

It looks as if there could be a Beef brewing between Dej Loafs’ real boyfriend OBA Rowland from Detroit and her alleged boyfriend Lil Durk from Chicago.

Many believe Lil Durk better watch out because Detroit guys don’t play, in case you all didn’t know the crime rate in Detroit isn’t far behind Chicago’s. OBA Rowland even stated in one of his songs:


They have kept their relationship on the LOW but it is definitely serious.


Screen Shot 2014-10-29 at 4.28.30 AM










There have even been rappers chiming in on the gossip lately including Drake who posted this on his twitter:

Screen Shot 2014-10-27

There has also been releases of video’s by both Dej Loaf & OBA Rowland that may give us some more insight on this discussion. WATCH BELOW:

Stay tuned in to for more info on this topic in the coming days, please Comment & Share Thanks!!!

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4 Comments on NEWS: Dej Loaf’s Boyfriend Gets Heated Over Lil Durk Dating Rumors

  1. Oba Rowland don’t want no damn problems from Chicago niggars. Lil Durk and Dej Loaf are friends. You say you go merk somebody over Dej Loaf. Chicago is the wrong motherfucking city to throwing threats at. Come to Chicago and talk that shit.


  2. im Shocked


  3. Man they not dating that her friend like wtf mad this and she does date Durk


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