INTERVIEW: Saint Orleans Pt. 1 (2015)

Saint Orleans Interview W/ Dez Jermaine Pt. 1 (
> Where did you get the name Saint Orleans?
​I actually simplified the name recently to Saint Oeaux (pronounced Saint O). I was born in New Orleans. My mom relocated me to Ferguson, which is apart of St. Louis in middle school. The name Saint Orleans came about over time with me traveling back and forth from Saint Louis and New Orleans.  All my family and friends in NewOrleans always used to ask me did I know Nelly and ask typical questions.  One of my closest homies from NewOrleans Hassan used to always call me a St. Lunatic.  Then when I was in St. Louis everybody called me Weezy or Turk because of my New Orleans accent.  After hurricane Katrina I felt like a lot of my family and friends had to go through what I had to go through when I moved from New Orleans to STL as far as adjusting to new places.  Over time I picked up on St. Louis lingo, the way they say words etc. It basically just comes from the idea of  the places you live become home to you over time. Its alot of artist in the industry who not from where they represent.  Like Pac wasnt from Cali, Kendrick was born in the chi. I feel like its not only about where you from its about where you currently at.  It was always a thought in my mind what city should I represent.  So I felt like I owe it to both cities because they both played a role in what made me who I am.
>How old are you?
​Im 27.​
>What inspired you to become a music artist?
Growing up partially in New Orleans music always was important to me.  My uncle is Guitar Slim Jr.  His album in the late 80’s was actually Grammy nominated.  My dad played saxaphone.  My grandma actually sung backup singer for a lot of big singers back in the day.  My step family is actually the Staples singers.  My brother also was signed to a independent label in New Orleans when I was younger called Southcoast Music Group.  He was the first rapper that actually made me feel like I can do this.  But I think when I moved to St. Louis and the Hotboys blew up thats when I started to say that what I want to be.
>Briefly explain to me what genre do you consider your music to fit in?
​I really don’t like categorizing myself.  I make music based on how I’m feeling. For example when the whole Ferguson situation happened it kind of made me want to watch what message I was putting out being that I grew up in Ferguson as a teenager. So I might make a song similar to a song I have called “In Due Time.” Then there is times where I wanna make ​music thats more club people can go out to like my song “We Dont Luv Em” or “Hella Good.”
>What artist have you collaborated with so far? Any artist here in Chicago you want to collab with?
​I worked with a lot of STL artist including Rockwell Knuckles, Tef Poe, Indiana Rome, Murphy Lee, City Spud, a lot of other people.  I worked with my direct team of course Akil Kapital and M Eazy.  I worked with Stuey Rock, Louisiana Cash, Juney Boomdata.  Got the opportunity to actually work with Slim Dunkin before he passed.  He was a real cool dude.  I think he was on his way to being real big.  Its a lot of dope acts from Chicago I wanna work with.  My homie Thello Jay, Chance the Rapper super dope hopefully some day I can work with him.  I performed with a upcoming artist Veto Vangundy he dope. We talked about collabing.  Kanye of course.  Ye one of my favorite artist. Common, B.J super dope, list of people I wanna colab with in Chicago.  I love the Chi.
>Guess this one is for the ladies, are you single?
​ Naw Im not.  Its crazy because my girl actually from Chicago.
>Do you have any new projects that you are working on?
​Currently prepping the release of my next project Via Dolorosa.  I already started the next project after that.  Im never not working.​
> Name one major recording artist you want to make a record with.
​Kanye.  I feel like if we did a record I would learn more about the whole process of making a song and I think I would learn a lot more about approaching my mixes.  I feel like he got a lot of knowledge when it comes to creativity.  ​
>Who is your favorite producer?
​Man thats hard.  Mannie Fresh for the drums.  Pharrell, Timbaland, Clams Casino.  I think if my producer Wiz was really into like he was when we were kids he would easily be my favorite.​
>What is your favorite clothing line?
​I dont really have a favorite clothing line.  If I had to pick one it would be Think Smart which is my homie Wiz line because I saw it grow.  I do have a favorite store though. A spot in Chicago called Akira.​
>What label would you love to get signed by?
​G.O.O.D. music because I think I would fit in with their lineup.  They seem to support each other too.  I haven’t heard of any rifts in their camp.  I would also be cool with signing with Dreamville.  I think Cole got the right mindstate and his production is crazy.
> So tell me what is the first thing you would buy or do with the money from a record deal?
​Nothing.  I would honestly pay off my student loans.  I got a deep understanding of what a record deal means.  Its just a loan.  So I would buy nothing.  If I go platinum then I would start copping.
> If you were stranded on a island what would be 3 things you would need?
​My family (That includes my team), a house with a studio, and ​a way to get my music to the world. You know how many crazy albums I could drop if I lived on a island with just my family.
>Where can fans look to find your footprints or work?
​Im on twitter and ig @saintoeaux also,  iTunes, Rhapsody, Datpiff, Livemixtapes,  just about all online distributors.  Working on Pandora and some other outlets soon too. ​
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