Death To The Black Super Woman

Enjoy this nice story by one of my favorite bloggers my homie KiaWrites….

Kia Smith Writes

Graphic by: Peter Palmer || Contact: Graphic by: Peter Palmer || Contact:

Growing up, I’ve always witnessed Black women be strong. No matter how hard life gets, black women have been able to press forward, shed little to no tears and smile as if everything is ok.

The ability to exude strength in dire situations used to be a trait I admired, but now I think about the cost that comes with being strong all the time. I can’t help but wonder, is being strong about EVERYTHING helping or hurting us?

While you ponder on that, I’ll be the first to say it if no one else will: this Super Woman mentality that has been conditioned into Black women since birth is damaging as fuck. See… while we’re so busy being strong for everyone else, I can’t help but wonder who is strong for us?

I’ve watched countless of Black girls and women literally have…

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