Chicago Designer Ron Louis, Speaks about his Brand, Hip Hop and His Top 5 Blogs

Ron Louis – Chicago Fashion Designer (Apparel) Think Smart “Legally Trappin T-shirt” @WizKidd85

Written By: Dez Jermaine

There are many hungry fashion designers emerging on the scene. But there are only a few that catch the eyes of many, as you look on social media and into clothing line collections. Ron Louis a Chicago based fashion designer has made it known he is behind the needle and thread, with his garments floating all over social media draped on the backs of some of Hip Hops emerging artist such as Chicago’s own King Louie & female sensation Dreezy.





Late Friday I got a chance to speak with Ron Louis check It out below:

How has the life of a Fashion designer been so far?
The designer life is great man it gets stressful sometimes but its treating me well. Just being able to connect with other artist and get your ideas out is a great feeling for an artist and designer.
Define “Fashion” the Ron Louis way.
Fashion by my definition is a culture dedicated to those with a great sense of style but not limited to any specific style.
What made you pursue a career in fashion?
I fell in love with it in higschool and taking a construction class pursuing a girl I was into at the time. Took a leap of faith and decided to go to college for it and my love for it grew from there.
What do you think are the current and future trends in fashion?
The current trend is streetwear and combining it with high fashion I personally believe this is the future for fashion and things we consider to be high end will be everyday wear or replicas.
What do you think about the current state of Hip Hop?
I think hip hop is at a great state we have artist and rappers for every mood you are in rather its conscious, mellow, partying, street, or even futuristic we have it all.
Who are some of your favorite artist independent or signed?
My favorite artist right now is Lil uzi, Young thug, Future, Vic mensa, Hurt Everybody, Dreezy, King Louie, Lil Herb, Drake, LucciVee, Kendrick Lamar, ASAP Rocky, SZA, Yuna, The Internet, Erykah Badu etc I have a ton I listen to ALOT of music all genres except country.
How do you handle the stress of being a designer?
I handle the stress by sometimes taking breaks and by breaks I dont mean not working. What I mean is taking a break from doing things others want I take time to do what I want rather people like it or not and that alone relieves alot or stress for me. I hang around alot of family and go out less and get my mind right.
Explain your involvement with PRSVR and Mouche.
I do custom work with PRSVR and a little bit of creative directing with certain projects and also co deisgn some pieces with the owners. Mouche is a collab brand with a good friend of mines by the name of DJ (@mouchedj) we creative pieces together. So these are just some of the brands I got my hands on besides my own which will be released this winter after Mouche Collection II this fall be on the look out!
Who can we expect to see wear a Ron Louis design next?
Right now we are working on Rihanna haha but it literally can be anyone of your favorite artist. PRSVR and some of my connects can get me in touch with mostly any artist or celebrity.
Name your Top 5 Blogs.
My top 5 blogs is,,,, and
Who are your Favorite fashion designers?
Alexander Wang, Pharrell Williams, Sheila Rashid, Rick Owens are some just of top.
What’s your Biggest Dream?
I think my biggest dream is having a family. Thats the one dream I think about the most besides career goals because at the end of the day Im doing all of this for my future wife and children.
Where do you see yourself in 20 years?
In 20 years I will probably be in London just traveling and learning from other cultures and people still designing and producing other creative work.


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