Fashion Blog Police: Suspect Drake

Somewhere between hashtags, salsa dancing, and countless meme’s, I’m sure everyone by now has either seen Drake’s new release to his “Hotline Bling” single or a parody of it. While most are looking at his shimmying and cha-cha’ing, I couldn’t help but land an eye on his wardrobe in the entire video for this week’s FASHION POLICE REPORTS. For those of you who haven’t seen it, I present to you the minutes for Hotline Bling:

Fully Covered Video Vixens. Call Center Reps. Drake .Dry iphone. Drake. Shimmy Dance. Drake. Random Red Parka Jacket. Cat daddy Dance. Groutfit. Drake. Fake Ciara Dancer.6 God makes an appearance. Stairs. Dry Hump session with the Fake Ciara. Drake. Video ends. Closes Curtain.

Nothing out the ordinary about a typical Drake video release. A strange yet visually appealing image of his representation of his new song through his eyes. But let’s take a closer look at his new threads in this video.1445794654350

The most eye catching was Drake’s groutfit (outfit with different tones of the color gray). While dancing in his 50 Shades of Gray ensemble, he cleans off his khaki suede boots as a symbol of having an untouchable swagger but sadly gray and khaki clash. Suede and cashmere sweaters screams Lumberjack Larry, Sir. All in favor of Drake being Paul Bundy for Halloween, SAY I!!!!


When analyzing Drake as one of my fashion suspects, it’s definitely hard to not notice his unusual pieces. Just in his previously release video for his song Energy, Drake is wearing his own custom designed ALL BLACK OVO logo jumpsuit. I’m definitely giving him a FASHION VIOLATION with this one.image

As the story-line of the video exhibits Drake as having a multiple-personality disorder, his comfy lounge wear appears to come across as a well-dressed couch potato.  Not saying that’s a bad idea to be a dapper bum, but Drake has definitely been wearing more comfortable and yet out of the ordinary clothing his past view video releases.

For someone who has a rep of being the most emotional, yet creative out of the rapping bunch, Drake has proven on multiple levels his ability to differ in other aspects of his image. Hands down, you can’t say Drake hasn’t made his own way into the fashion world by branding his own self-inflicted nickname. OVO, mentioned first on his So Far Gone mixtape, is seen constantly throughout his audio music and also videos. I personally have an OVO sweater myself but I just can’t seem to match his random owl logo with anything. Definitely a clever logo from his marketing team, but fashion wise, it’s not very versatile with other styles.

For this week, I’ll give Drake a pass for his groufit ensemble. Major upgrade from the All Black hand-me-downs he had on in his Energy video.  AND HERE THEY ARE!!!!


SUSPECT: Drake Aubrey Graham

Description: Bi-polar Canadian who’s personality switches from Singer to Rapper mid conversation

Nicknames: Canada Dry (by rapper Common)


Violation #1 Wearing sweatpants when you’re not exercising

Violation #2 #DWIAT (DANCING WHILE IN A TURTLENECK) … Drake know good and well that he was sweating hot bullets


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3 Comments on Fashion Blog Police: Suspect Drake

  1. This gave me QUITE the chuckle – especially the DWIAT!!!


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