Fashion Blog Police: Suspect Ciara


In the swing of Halloween fun, singer Ciara was giving a superhero themed surprise birthday party by her fiancé Russell Wilson. The future hubby had her come down to Warner Bros Studio to change into a cat woman suit. She was then met by Wilson, who was standing next to an exact replica of the Bat Mobile. Pictures with a photographer were taking by the vehicle for a grand ole entrance, not knowing that once she entered the Bat Cave, that she would be meet with her A-List friends.

FullSizeRender (3)Greeted with Beyonce, Serena Williams, Kelly Rowland, La La Anthony and many more of her close friends, Ciara truly had a unique and special Dirty Thirty birthday party. Not only was her guest in costumes to die for, but so was Ciara. Her perfectly custom fit cat woman suit was nothing you would find at your local Party City of course. Giving off a liquid leather or patent leather look and fill, it closely aligned her figure just right to give her a curvy feminine silhouette.  I honestly love the cat woman look. It’s the easy go to outfit for Halloween and Ciara really worked it. Her custom “C” logo for the waist belt was signature for Cee-Cee. Her personality is so bubbly and sweet that you can’t help but love her in her happiest state.

Judging from my Instagram newsfeed of all the celebs, it looks like the night was filled with slay and fleek-ness. Slay Couple of the year goes to Mr. and Mrs. Soon-To-Be Wilson. He truly is Man of 2015 for surprising his dance queen with a huge event as such. Those matching outfits were adorable. Shout out to whoever coordinated those two. NO VIOLATIONS ON MY END. I’ll give them a pass.

FullSizeRender (4)Now stepping outside the box, I have to go back to Ciara’s A-LIST friends. BEYONCE, BEYONCE, BEYONCE. Thou shall slay to the tenth degree of slay-ness. Storm has never looked so fierce. Sorry Halle Berry but Beyonce 300 Spartan kicked you to the curb when she popped out this week honey!!! The smokey eyed light beat faced makeup really did justice to giving Beyonce a more realistically mother earth look. HANDS DOWN! Beyonce and Ciara were the Certified Slay-ers for the evening.

I’m still unsure of what Serena, Kelly and La-La ‘thought” they were doing because I’m still sipping tea silently after catching a few glimpse of their “ensembles”. Losing the U.S Open hit Serena harder than we thought. Her stylist must have left along with her 2015 title. But that ain’t none of my business.



FullSizeRender (2)







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