JuJu Gotti & Friends Take Over Cirque & Aroma Night Clubs in Atlanta 10/26

Cirque ATL 10/28/15 JuJu Gotti & DJ Holiday

Just last Wednesday night, I got a chance to experience a night out in the A-Town with its rapidly emerging rapper JuJu Gotti creator of “Mismatch” one of the newest and most played songs in the clubs.

Dez Jermaine & JuJu Gotti

Dez Jermaine & JuJu Gotti

The night kicked off at Cirque Bar & Grille night club as JuJu Gotti then performed his hit single. I must say I have never seen so much energy by a crowd once DJ Holiday one of Atlanta’s legendary DJ’s introduced the crowd to “Mismatch” as I myself repeated every lyric word for word. Even the legendary DJ had to leave the DJ booth and start Dabbin once the record came on.

Everyone in the club was dabbin to the new single, and it was a huge turn out. One of the most memorable moments of the night was when DJ Holiday dared JuJu Gotti to chug his whole bottle of Hennessey before his performance.

DSC04319He surely turnt up the crowd after doing so. After leaving Cirque it was off to Aroma where it was another packed house. In between both performances JuJu Gotti managed to change his attire from a flashy silver Chicago Bulls throwback warmup jacket to a black one.

Even that packed house welcomed JuJu Gotti and friends very well, it was a night full of Hennessy shots and loud smoking. As he was joined by many of his comrades including Slick Rich Ent. If I wasn’t taught nothing else, I sure was reminded why JuJu Gotti is the next to blow out of Atlanta’s oh so popular music scene. As he brings a new sound with individuality to the table. Also sources close to JuJu Gotti told me that he has a upcoming mixtape in the works. The tape was said to feature some heavy hitters from the south, although a name for the tape has been confirmed stay tuned in.

Shot By: Dez Jermaine

JuJu Gotti & Lil Bang


JuJu Gotti & DJ Holiday


JuJu Gotti & Lil Bang w/ 1/2 0f Psychonautz Production in the back.


LHH Atlanta’s Che’ Mack & Supa Turbo Vick


ATL Prod. Tweezy 1/2 of Psychonautz


Slick Rich Ent.


Cell, JuJu Gotti, Lil Bang, Tweezy, & SupaTurbo Vick

IMG_4284 IMG_4296

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