I think we can all agree on one thing. Keke Palmer has been stepping her game up. All over social media people have been talking about the new video Keke and Cassie did. imageThe song, entitled “I don’t belong to you” shows Keke as a man-eater who has a fling with a guy who wants her to his self. But Keke has another lover on the side, Cassie, which turns out to be a twist at the end of the video.

Now, I have heard negatives and positives about the video and I personally like it. Keke is not our little Akeelah and the Bee anymore. She has clearly shown us and been showing us she is a woman now. Despite her sexiest attire being worn for her appearance, she has done a great job at showing her grown and sexy side. Just this year alone Keke has had a variety of looks to add to her image. She has a gorgeous face, sweet personality, and also nice body to compliment any style she chooses.

This purple one piece jumpsuit she recently wore to the Entertainment Weekly party in July really showed a classy side.image The slits in the torso area amplified her ability to show off her beautiful sides and the color purple really set her skin up for a radiant glow. The outfit was perfect for the event and for her to make a statement for herself.

As a woman myself, I know how important it is to truly find that perfect image and look for yourself as you transition from a teen to a young woman. It can be difficult when different styles are presented to you and there are always going to be naysayers about how you want to represent you. But Keke has really been an example of how to come from micro braids, glasses and a dictionary to stilettos, flawless weave, and body shaping ensembles.image Early this year, Keke shocked us with her 2015 NBA All Star Game attire when she wore a short pixie cut hair do and a street urban inspired outfit. Nothing wrong with switching up from time to time to show the world you are a versatile gal. Keke does it well.

Parading around in lingerie for your new video might be offensive to some people, but let’s be honest, if you’re going to do it, do it well. Keke out staged it with her debut. imageShe wasn’t to naked and still had has about herself. Whether she is style is urban, elegant, classy, or sexy, Keke Palmer is definitely on the verge of being a fashion icon and role model to look up to.


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